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Manufacturer of the Vulcan Vent™         

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Close-up of the coated

honeycomb matrix.

                      Before                                 After

After the cells close off they are extremely well insulated and fire or embers cannot penetrate.

Even before the cells close off, the vent is designed to protect against flying embers. In many cases embers will attack a home before fire ever comes near, so this feature is very important.

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Fire easily passes through a standard vent, above, but stops cold when it comes up against a Vulcan Vent below.

Vulcan Vent ™ 
Standard Vent

The founders of Gunter Manufacturing have been working closely over the last two years, with the scientists and inventors of Vulcan Technologies to bring to market this incredible product.

Combining our quality vent products with the fire-stopping honeycomb matrix core designed by Vulcan has produced unique and remarkable results.

At Gunter manufacturing we have over 50 years combined sheet metal manufacturing experience. Special orders are not a problem.  Our vent frames are industry standard frames so there is little or no learning curve for installers and contractors. Our goal is to provide people with the vents they need to secure their homes with additional safety against wildfires and give them piece of mind from knowing that their home is protected by a product that works!


The core of our fire and ember safe vents are manufactured out of hi-grade aluminum honeycomb and coated with an intumescent coating made by FireFree Coatings. The intumescent coating is  designed to quickly swell up and close off when exposed to high heat. The expanded material acts as an insulator to heat, fire and embers